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What is Aqiqah

Watch our Aqiqah process

Aqiqah (Aqiqa, Aqeeqah, Aqeeqa) is a joyous offering made by Muslim parents when a child is born. This is made as an act of gratitude to God, in a similar way to Qurbani.

Traditionally two animals are offered for a boy and one for a girl but of course there are no limits to however many you do! The sunnah is that a third is kept by the family, a further third is shared amongst family, friends and neighbours with the final third being donated in charity.

“With every child, there is an aiqah. Perform on behalf of the child, for indeed this will be a means to eliminate many harms from it.”


All our British Aqiqah-eligible animals are meticously sourced and prepared onsite at our Shropshire location. In keeping with the sunnah, the Aqiqah is processed on the 7th day on which your child is born, with day 1 being the day of birth. If your child is born on a Friday, the Aqiqah will be performed on the Thursday after receiving your order (please note for weekend/bank holiday dates the Aqiqah will be performed on the closest working day – Sunday born babies are performed on a Friday and Monday babies on a Monday).

Our Whole Carcass Meat Boxes are hand-packaged with care and are perfect for UK Aqiqahs as mouth-watering as they are memorable.