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About myAqiqah


Mabrook on your new arrival! May Allah SWT make him or her the coolness of your eyes and grant them good health and kamil eimaan, Ameen.

If you’re looking to perform an Aqiqah for your newborn, you’ve come to the right place.

myAqiqah is the online platform of Euro Quality Lambs (EQL) created to offer Aqiqah direct to British Muslims. It is a partnership between EQL and its charitable foundation Euro Quality Foundation to educate about the sunnah of Aqiqah and to ensure it is carried out to the highest standards of Ihsan (excellence).

EQL is the largest Muslim owned and operated lamb abattoir in the whole of Europe. Based since 1992 in the picturesque Shropshire Hills (near the Welsh border), we have been delivering high quality grass-fed British lamb, sheep and offal to cities across the UK, France and Europe.

We only do halal onsite. Our trained and experienced Muslim slaughterers perform zabiha observing the highest standards of etiquettes and animal welfare.  Our highly skilled processing team produces premium quality carcasses for wholesalers, butchers, restaurants and collection.

We are endorsed by many scholars and certifiers. Watch our Aqiqah video below to learn what Aqiqah is and how we perform it. We accept online Aqiqah orders for nationwide delivery and for collection.

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Why choose My Aqiqah

  • Aqiqah experts

  • Commitment to Ihsan (excellence)

  • A direct service from EQL

  • Family-owned Muslim Values (riba-free, zakah giving)

  • Adhering to the highest Zabiha and Welfare principles

  • User-friendly order portal

  • Nationwide tracked courier delivery

  • Quick & easy Pay-by-Bank digital payment option

  • Option to collect direct from our abattoir in Shropshire

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What Is The Aqiqah Process?