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The blessings of Aqiqah

"Charity does not decrease wealth" (Muslim)

A child is a blessing from Allah swt so an Aqiqah is performed to give thanks and show gratitude.

“With every child, there is an Aqiqah. Perform on behalf of the child, for indeed this will be a means to eliminate many harms from it.” (Bukhari)

A fundamental part of Aqiqah is appreciating that all life is blessed, and we should be thankful. This is reflected by supporting the less-fortunate as part of the Aqiqah.

Aside from the Aqiqah itself there are many charitable elements to Aqiqah and the birth of a child (explained below). We work with Islamic Relief to ensure donations are directed to those in need.

Baby hair value

As part of the customs of a new born Muslim baby its head is shaved and the hair’s weight in gold or silver is donated to the poor. Some customers, when placing their Aqiqah order, have asked if we can also facilitate that dobation, so we did!

When you place your Aqiqah order you have an option of whether to donate the baby hair value as well.

Skin & co-products

Any part of the Aqiqah that is not used, but has a value, is sold with the proceeds designated for charity. In the UK skins can only be sent to an approved facility for processing hence it cannot be taken away from the abattoir.

We show the value of the skin & co-products when you place your Aqiqah order. You can decide whether you want to give it to us to give to charity, or you can decide to give the value to charity yourself. Most abattoirs don’t even inform customers about this and unfortunately its the poor that end up missing out!

Third of meat to charity

The sunnah is to consume a third of the meat, to gift a third to friends & neighbours and to donate a third to charity.

We provide an option to donate a third to charity. We work with different food banks around the country. When there is a third-to-charity order we cut and freeze that portion. Once we have enough frozen product we dispatch it to food banks in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

All to charity

Some customers are very generous and want to donate all the Aqiqah meat to charity.

We facilitate this in the same manner that we distribute the third to charity.

International Aqiqah

Due to our expertise and experience in the field we have come across the good, bad and ugly of those charities that offer Aqiqah abroad. Whilst most are great at humanitarian work, they are not so good at livestock programs and carrying out the different sunnahs of Aqiqah.

We know international charities that understand the livestock and halal sector, and who have robust policies and practices in place for Aqiqah. We are happy to support them in their Aqiqah and livestock livelihood & development programs.

Euro Quality Foundation is a collaboration between Euro Quality Lambs and its charitable arm Euro Quality Foundation (EQF). EQF is a charity registered with the UK’s Charities Commission with registration number 1119242.

EQF supports charities throughout the year with funding & development advice. For this purpose, EQF requests and reviews an annual questionnaire to be completed by charities who need support. The overarching aim to achieve Ihsan (excellence) and benefit to society. All charities are vetted including those we work with for Aqiqah that

  • receive donations relating to the baby hair, skin and co-products
  • receive meat to cook or distribute raw to its food bank users
  • perform Aqiqah internationally to a high level of Ihsan (excellence)