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Aqiqah orders must be placed by no later than 12 noon the day BEFORE your preferred Zabiha day (Aqiqah performance date).

Remember, this is Sadaqa for your baby so offer the best you can afford for Allah swt.

Aqiqah requirements are similar to Qurbani so please read our Aqiqah FAQs and Fiqh pages to
help you select the best option.

Watch our Aqiqah process here:

Lamb Aqiqah

A sexually mature lamb more than 6 months but less than 1 year old.

Sheep Aqiqah

Fully grown sheep approximately 6 years old.

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Please make payment online to our Al-Rayan riba-free bank account or through Super Payments, prior to your Aqiqah being performed (please note: bank transfers over the weekend are not processed until the next working day).